$20 Billion Merger Between Adobe and Figma Called Off

$20 Billion Merger Between Adobe and Figma Called Off

TL;DR: Adobe and Figma called off their $20 billion merger due to regulatory concerns, with Adobe paying Figma a $1 billion fee. Both companies will continue independently despite initial plans to join forces and innovate in design software.

Adobe and Figma, two giants in the tech world, recently dropped a bombshell announcement: their big $20 billion merger is off the table! This major twist came after regulators from the UK and EU raised their eyebrows, signaling a red flag over the deal. They were worried Adobe, already a big shot in design software, might get too powerful if it added Figma, a rising star in product design, to its roster.

So, what’s the fallout? Adobe now has to fork over a whopping $1 billion in cash to Figma. Yep, that’s the price tag for calling off the wedding.

$20 Billion Merger Between Adobe and Figma Called Off

Adobe’s head honcho, Shantanu Narayen, wasn’t thrilled. He said, “We don’t see eye to eye with the regulators, but hey, we gotta do what’s best and go our separate ways.” Adobe and Figma had dreams of teaming up to revolutionize creativity and productivity, but now they’re sticking to flying solo.

But wait, there’s more! The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had Adobe in a tight spot. They wanted Adobe to let go of some serious assets, codes, and brainy engineers to keep the competition playing field level. A big meeting was set for December 21st to hash it out, with a final decision deadline of February 25th.

Meanwhile, the European Commission and even the U.S. Department of Justice were peering closely at the deal. But once Adobe waved the white flag, the European Commission backed off its own investigation.

Adobe was in a tight spot with all this pressure. They had little room to maneuver and keep all the goodies from Figma they wanted, without having to sacrifice some of their own treasures.

Figma’s CEO, Dylan Field, summed it up, “It’s not the fairytale ending we wanted. We tried to show the world how different we are, but in the end, there was no yellow brick road leading to approval for this deal.”
So there you have it, folks! A roller coaster ride in the tech world, with twists, turns, and a billion-dollar goodbye!

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