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When it comes to UX UI, our mantra
is simple-blend the magic of design with the logic of tech. We're all about creating designs that not only look fab but are a breeze for developers.

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Employee Benefits

Perks of Being a Monk!

Creating a comfortable and abundant working environment largely contributes to people’s happiness.
With this idea in mind, we took an effort to make our office as homey as possible


Design Monks is remote from day one, so you don't need to worry about missing your bus to the office.


Well-rounded Leave Benefits

From annual breaks to sick days and times of grief, our leave policies ensure all the support.


Two festival bonuses

We're all about celebrating! You'll receive two festival bonuses, each worth 50% of your gross salary.


Device & Internet Allowance

Staying connected and updated is vital. We provide a generous allowance for devices and internet.


Health & Wellness Allowance

We value your health and your family's. Our medical allowance keeps everyone feeling their best.


Performance bonuses

Twice a year, we'll add your performance bonus to your salary in June and December


Emergency Loan Facilities

Our emergency loan facilities come with flexible EMIs, providing a safety net when you need it most.


Employee Referral Bonus

Twice a year, we'll add your performance bonus to your salary in June and December


Mentorship, Personal Growth and Development

With guidance, we boost your professional and personal growth.


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Working at Design Monks as a UX designer is a blast! The team's super supportive, our leader is inspiring, and I appreciate the flex time. Cheers to the awesome crew here! If you want a great place to work and learn, Design Monks is it!🌟🎈

Rakibul Hasan

Product Designer, Design Monks

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Frequently asked question

Our interview process unfolds in two straightforward steps. First, we'll provide you with a task accompanied by clear instructions to showcase your skills. Those who stand out will be invited for a virtual chat. This is a laid-back conversation where we delve into understanding more about you and ensuring a mutual fit, in terms of work approach and our vibrant company culture. It's all about ensuring harmony and alignment for both of us!

At Design Monks, we deeply value work-life balance and believe in recharging! We operate five days a week, with Saturday and Sunday being our cherished weekends. Besides enjoying all government-declared holidays, you'll have 15 encashable annual leaves at your disposal and 7 dedicated days for when you're feeling under the weather. On the rare occasion that tight deadlines arise, we do offer earned leaves, though we truly emphasize not working on weekends. Plus, we're all for self-growth and relaxation! So, we genuinely encourage our teammates to take time off, immerse in learning, or simply bask in some well-deserved downtime. Your well-being is our priority!

Welcome aboard! Here at Design Monks, every new team member goes through a probationary phase. It's a time for mutual discovery, where we get to witness your passion, performance, and commitment. Once you cruise past this stage, you'll unlock access to all the fabulous benefits we offer to our permanent crew. And the cherry on top? We review and reward your growth with yearly increments. It's our way of celebrating your journey and contributions with us!

Design Monks is proud to be a 100% remote company. We believe in the power of flexibility and the capabilities of our team to produce exceptional work regardless of location. This approach allows us to tap into global talent and collaborate in a way that’s both efficient and effective. You won't find a physical office for Design Monks; instead, our dedicated team works from various parts of the world, united by our passion for design and digital collaboration tools. So, whether you're at home, in a café, or traveling, as a member of our team, you have the freedom to work from wherever you feel most inspired.

At Design Monks, we blend technology and trust to ensure seamless remote collaboration. We primarily use Slack for daily communication, hold regular standups to stay aligned, and manage our projects through the robust tool, Height. Instead of imposing deadlines, we involve team members in timeline decisions based on their understanding of tasks. While we emphasize clarity and coordination, we steer clear of micromanagement, believing that our creative tasks thrive with autonomy and freedom.

Absolutely! At Design Monks, we understand the occasional solitude of remote work. To combat this, we organize monthly meetups and occasional fun trips, allowing team members to bond and know each other beyond screens. Furthermore, we have instituted a 'team fund' allowance. Team members can redeem this anytime to dine with their colleagues, fostering camaraderie, and Design Monks happily bears the cost. It's our way of ensuring the team stays connected, both professionally and personally.

At Design Monks, our culture thrives on trust, respect, and understanding. We proudly steer away from micromanagement, believing that each "Monk" brings unique value to the table. Your voice isn't just heard here—it's cherished. We don’t set deadlines; instead, we ask for your insights to define them, knowing that true creativity flourishes without unnecessary pressure. And while we do have project managers to guide the flow, rest assured they're seasoned UX designers at heart, ensuring a seamless and empathetic understanding of your perspective. Our in-house development team? They're a friendly bunch, always on standby with a helping hand. Picture Design Monks as a safe haven, where good work ethics are the foundation and where every member is nurtured and celebrated.

At Design Monks, we are passionate about continuous growth and shared wisdom. Every two weeks, we host knowledge-sharing sessions where anyone can lead a discussion on a myriad of topics, be it digital product design, development, marketing, sales, or broader themes like learning and ownership. Additionally, our team automatically receives entry to exclusive "UX talks with Atiq" shows. Plus, we consistently provide access to premium resources to further enhance and enrich the learning experience. We believe in nurturing minds and talents in every possible way.

At Design Monks, we delve into a wide array of digital design projects, especially those that present intriguing challenges and require a touch of creative genius. Our passion lies in crafting solutions that are both innovative and impactful. However, we're not just about aesthetics and functionality; we have a moral compass too. Projects that promote content like pornography or alcohol don't align with our values, so we choose to steer clear of them. In essence, if there's a compelling digital design challenge and it resonates with our ethos, we're all in!