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Digital Growth Manager

  • 01 Vacancy
  • Full Time Job Type
  • BDT 40-45K Salary
  • 30-11-2023 Deadline
Digital Growth Manager


Seeking a dynamic Digital Growth Manager to be the driving force behind our brand’s online presence and customer engagement. This role involves not just amplifying our voice across social media but also strategizing to attract and convert a growing audience. Key responsibilities include driving sales, crafting compelling content plans, managing our social media channels, and architecting a robust digital marketing strategy. This position is pivotal to our growth and will play an instrumental role in taking Design Monks to new heights. Join us in this crucial endeavor and help shape our digital narrative.


  • Lead Conversion: Take charge of the full customer lifecycle, from generating leads to ensuring their loyalty.
  • Digital Growth: Utilize digital channels to drive company growth and boost sales.
  • Strategic Marketing Campaigns: Plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns that align seamlessly with our business objectives.
  • Content Management: Use content management systems and email marketing platforms effectively to promote sales.
  • Content Strategy: Design and implement compelling content strategies tailored specifically for target audiences.
  • Data Analytics: Analyze digital analytics, assess campaign performance, and tweak strategies to achieve optimal results.
  • KPIs & Sales Targets: Set, monitor, and meet (or exceed!) growth KPIs and sales targets.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with other departments to ensure the marketing strategies align with overall company goals and values.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, tools, and best practices.


  • Demonstrated ability to convert leads into loyal customers, understanding the full customer lifecycle.
  • Proven track record in driving company growth and increasing sales through digital channels.
  • Alignment with Design Monks' company values and ethical stance, especially concerning project selection.
  • Self-starter with a results-driven approach.
  • Proven experience in devising and executing successful digital marketing campaigns that align with business goals.
  • Familiarity with content management systems and email marketing platforms to drive sales.
  • Ability to craft compelling content strategies tailored to target audiences.
  • Demonstrated success in creating engaging content that drives traffic, engagement, and lead conversion.
  • Ability to interpret digital analytics, measure campaign performance, and adapt strategies for optimal results.
  • Experience in setting, monitoring, and achieving growth KPIs and sales targets.
  • Prior experience in marketing within an agency or design agency will be considered a plus, though it's not mandatory.
  • Expertise in English is essential, both written and spoken, to effectively communicate strategies, results, and insights.

What do we offer

  • 100% Remote Work: Flexibility to work from any location, allowing for a better work-life balance.
  • Collaborative Environment: Daily stand-ups, robust project management with Height, and a culture that encourages input on task timelines.
  • No Micromanagement: Trust and autonomy in how you work, with an emphasis on creativity over stringent deadlines.
  • Monthly Meetups: Break the remote work monotony with team gatherings and fun trips to foster closer connections.
  • Learning & Development: Bi-weekly knowledge sharing sessions, access to premium resources, and automatic entries to exclusive UX talks.
  • Balanced Work Schedule: Five-day workweek, government holidays, plus generous annual, sick, and earned leaves.
  • Supportive Work Culture: Project managers with UX backgrounds ensure understanding and empathy, combined with a friendly in-house development team.
  • Transparent Growth Path: Clear probation guidelines leading to full benefits and yearly performance-based increments.
  • Value-Driven Projects: Work on impactful projects that align with ethical standards and company values.

A few facts about us

As you might have understood by now, measuring is our thing. So we couldn’t help but track
`our progress throughout the years. Take a look at a few figures that we’re proud of
Building through teamwork
Embracing trends
Endless learning and exposure
Building through teamwork

Building through teamwork

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We share ideas, listen to each other and come together to brainstorm solutions that are innovative and unique.

Embracing trends

Embracing trends

We love staying connected to the latest trends and embracing them in our work. Analyzing popular apps to explore, learn and adapt new trends is a key part of our creative process.

Endless learning and exposure

Endless learning and exposure

We love learning something new everyday. Our consistent learning culture combined with the diverse exposure empowers our team to explore and grow without limits

Remote Work : No Traffic, More Freedom

We believe in balancing work and life seamlessly, ensuring our Monks always have room to breathe, create, and grow. By going remote, we're also saving our team hundreds of hours annually – think of all those traffic jams and commute times avoided, giving back precious moments for creativity, relaxation, and spending time with loved ones.

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Saimam Chowdhury
Rakibul Islam
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This could be you

Join our diverse team to craft brilliance together

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