Spotify’s Bold New Move: Meet the Spotify Mix Font

Spotify Mix Font

Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming platform, has recently launched a new bespoke typeface. They named it Spotify Mix font. This transition is probably why you are not finding Spotify in the same old style. Well, this new move is a significant shift in the brand’s visual identity.

Here, they mainly focus on more personality, flexibility, and human touch in their communications. The new typeface was developed in collaboration with Dinamo. It’s a Berlin-based type design studio. Together, they worked for the past 18 months to develop this unique font. 

As Spotify rolls out this new typeface across its app, marketing, and broader brand communications, we all should test it to know whether it’s a good move or not.

What Was the Old Font on Spotify?

For years, Spotify has used the Circular typeface. It’s a geometric sans-serif font that has become synonymous with the brand. Circular was actually good with Spotify. It provided a clean and modern aesthetic that complemented the platform’s sleek design. 

Old Font on Spotify

However, as Spotify’s global head of brand design, Rasmus Wängelin, notes, Circular also had its limitations. Its geometric perfection, while visually appealing, lacked the expressiveness and character that Spotify desired as it evolved. According to Spotify’s newsroom,

“Circular had been with us for quite some time and it served us really well, but it also felt quite limiting at times,” 

Rasmus Wängelin, Global Head of Brand Design at Spotify

So, they felt the need for a new typeface that could convey different forms of emotions and adapt to different contexts became increasingly apparent.

The Development Process of Spotify Mix Font

Spotify partnered with Dinamo as soon as it felt the need for a more versatile and expressive typeface. As mentioned earlier, Dinamo is a type of design studio known for its innovative and artistic approach. 

Founded by Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb, Dinamo has a reputation for creating typefaces that bridge the gap between art, music, and fashion. This made them an ideal partner for Spotify.

Development Process of Spotify Mix

However, the collaboration kicked off when Dinamo flew to New York to meet with Spotify’s design teams.

“We spent about a week just kind of information-dumping,”  

recalls Wängelin.

This initial phase was all about exploring different references from audio culture and music history, including iconic posters and album covers. The team drew inspiration from different genres and discussed themes like dance, movement choreography, and audio waves. 

These discussions helped shape the vision for Spotify Mix where they aimed to create a typeface that flows more dynamically than traditional fonts.

What’s New in Spotify Mix Typeface?

Many Spotify users like me seriously love the previous font. So, the question commonly arises about what makes the new one even better than the previous one. Right? 

Well, the new Spotify Mix font comes with lots of unique features that will make it a big hit in no time. Let’s check out what are the new things we’re getting with this font.

Unique Design Characteristics

Spotify Mix is designed to be highly expressive and versatile. It comes with the ability to adapt to different forms, from condensed to extended ones. This feature is necessary for a broader emotional palette. 

 “Being able to go from condensed to expanded gives you an ability to communicate so many more emotions,”  

says Wängelin.

This flexibility ensures that Spotify Mix can be both bold and subtle, according to various messaging needs.

A Font with Human Touch

Spotify Mix introduces a sense of warmth and character that aligns more closely with human sensibilities. This element was totally absent in the previous font style, Circular.

“People want to connect to humanity a bit more and are pivoting away from things that feel too perfect,”  

Wängelin explains.

This humanized font style has a more relatable and engaging visual identity. It is anticipated that this feature will help users get a more personalized vibe.

Unique Design Elements

Spotify Mix is not just about flexibility and human touch; it also comes with unique design features that set it apart. One of the most recognizable details is the “transmitter” shape that comes with negative spaces of letters like “p”, “b”, and “d”. 

This design element is a signal to audio amplification, subtly reinforcing Spotify’s core identity as a music platform. Additionally, the typeface includes ultra-fine flicks and slopped cuts that add a unique look, infusing each letter with character and personality.

Variations and Alternatives

This font also increases versatility with lots of alternatives. For example, there are four specific number sets that designers can switch between to provide additional flexibility for different contexts. 

Some letters also have straight alternatives which give a more formal and strict appearance when needed. These options ensure that Spotify Mix can adapt to better communication styles and requirements.

Wrap Up

Spotify’s decision to launch a new bespoke typeface Spotify Mix, is definitely a bold and strategic move that can enhance its brand identity and user experience. Developed in collaboration with Dinamo, this new typeface introduces greater expressiveness, flexibility, and character into Spotify’s visual communications. 

The new typeface is not just a change in font but a statement of Spotify’s commitment to innovation and creativity. It reflects the brand’s evolution and its dedication to connecting with users on a more personal and emotional level.

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