WWDC 2024: Apple Intelligence & Other Highlights

WWDC 2024_ Apple Intelligence & Other Highlights

For the last 2 years, the talk of the town has been solely AI. Well, Apple users were not getting any big news about their AI implementation and that’s what broke many of users’ hearts. However, the long-awaited good news is here with Apple Intelligence. 

On 10th June 2024, Apple WWDC was held in Cupertino, California. In the event, Apple announced that they are going to implement generative AI in every section of their ecosystem which is possible. So, they launched Apple Intelligence for the very first time.

This is not the only hype of 2024’s WWDC. Indeed, we have a bunch of news for you, which you may have waited for a long time. That’s why from the perspective of many people, 2024’s WWDC is one of the most successful events Apple ever launched.

Apple WWDC 2024: At A Glance

Before we get back to the detailed discussion on what WWDC 2024 brings for the users, let’s first get a glance at the WWDC 2024 highlights.

WWDC 2024 Highlights

No matter what type of Apple products you are using, the WWDC 2024 has something for you. Keep looking. The next section will tell you more details about the new iOS updates.

The Rise of Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence got the people’s eyes at Apple’s WWDC in June 2024. This system utilizes the functions of the generative models along with prioritizing personal context. The aim is to produce useful and real intelligence for the users. 

Apple’s AI is developed to assist users of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. It utilizes the Apple silicon’s function to understand the context and then create texts and images. 

According to the National,

“In a world where AI will be used millions of times per second, this perspective could shape the future of personal AI use, offering a more secure and tailored experience,”

Thomas Monteiro

Certainly, Apple Intelligence comes with a lot of features. Among them, you will be excited for features like:

  • It’ll rewrite, summarize, and proofread text on different apps.
  • It will instantly identify important emails in the inbox and if you need it, it’ll summarize the mail briefly.
  • You will get different options for quick responses to the emails.
  • It’ll filter essential notifications for you and provide summaries of long notifications.
  • It will create images both animation, illustration, or sketch according to your prompts.

Apple Intelligence is designed to be private and secure. This system is integrated into Siri and it will be completely developed by next year.

“Some features, software platforms, and additional languages will come over the course of the next year,”


Apple Intelligence: Apple’s Partnership with OpenAI

Apple’s Partnership with OpenAI, Apple Intelligence

The new AI by Apple is the result of its partnership with OpenAI. The event also announced this partnership with the support of Microsoft. This collaboration brings ChatGPT for the users of iOS 18, which is set to be released later this year. 

This collaboration also marks a significant step in enhancing the AI capabilities of Apple devices. The aim is to offer users advanced AI-driven functionalities directly within their operating system. 

Microsoft, as a major investor in OpenAI, stands to gain considerably from this collaboration. The integration of ChatGPT into iOS 18 simply boosts OpenAI’s reach and influence. At the same time, it solidifies Microsoft’s strategic investments in AI technologies.

Furthermore, Apple has announced plans to expand its AI integration by supporting additional AI models in the future. This forward-looking approach opens the door for potential collaborations with other leading AI developers. 

Specifically, there have been reports of ongoing discussions between Apple and Google regarding the incorporation of Google’s Gemini AI models. If successful, this could diversify the AI capabilities within Apple’s ecosystem in a better way.

What’s New on iOS 18 and iPadOS 18?

Both iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 get a lot of new features. In the upcoming iOS 18 update, you can anticipate enhanced customization options for their home screen and control center. You’ll have more options to customize your device experience according to your preferences. 

What’s New on iOS 18 and iPadOS 18

Here, you can lock apps using Face ID for an extra layer of security and privacy. Moreover, improvements to Messages, Mail, and Maps promise a smoother and more intuitive user experience. Also, the Photos app is now available in a better way.

On the other hand, iPadOS 18 is also a step forward with anything in the bag. It also brings the same customization features to the iPad platform. Additionally, as an iPad user, you’ll receive a dedicated calculator app which is for sure a long-awaited demand. 

Also, there are many updates on the device experience. These iOS updates collectively signify Apple’s commitment to refining and enriching the user experience through its ecosystem of devices.

Other Highlights on WWDC, 2024

As mentioned earlier, there are some other updates you should count as gifts from Apple. Let’s what’s more it offers:

macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia is introduced as macOS 15. This one comes with exciting new features that’ll enhance user connectivity and browsing experience. This update brings you a smoother workflow integration and device synchronization. 

Additionally, Safari receives notable upgrades, including the addition of page summaries that’ll let you browse efficiently and conveniently. 

watchOS 11

watchOS 11 comes with a suite of fitness-centric features that’ll enhance the Apple Watch experience. Here, the most exciting features include Training Load for quantifying workout intensity and the flexibility to inactive ring progress for the rest days. 

You’ll love the interface enhancements with improvements to smart stacks and Photos watch faces for a more intuitive and personalized user interface.

visionOS 2

In the event, visionOS 2 users also get some gifts. From now on, the Vision Pro headset lets users transform 2D photos into immersive spatial photos. The update also introduces new gesture support with the improvement of interaction and navigation within the virtual environment. 

Alongside these advancements, Apple is expanding the availability of the Vision Pro headset to several countries beyond the U.S.

tvOS 18

tvOS 18 also introduces several amazing features that enhance the viewing experience on Apple TV devices. InSight is the most highlighted feature here that provides detailed information about the actors in the shows you’re watching. 

This one is pretty similar to Prime Video’s X-Ray feature. Another useful enhancement is the ability for subtitles to automatically appear when you mute it or rewind a few seconds.

End Note

These are not all. Apple’s WWDC, 2024 also brought a lot of good changes. AI-powered photo editing and transcription tools and AI-generated emojis are also the funniest part. Besides, almost all devices, bring a lot of enhancements to improve user experience.

So, With significant updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS, Apple introduced advanced AI integration which are pretty long-awaited feature for users.

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